Simply removing CO₂ from the atmosphere.

The Problem

The pre-industrial level of CO₂ in the atmosphere was 320 parts per million (ppm). Currently, the level is 413. Scientists believe the critical figure should not exceed 430. We will hit 430 ppm in a few years. We need to cut emissions. But that won’t be enough. We will not reach the ParisAgreement targets without removing existing CO₂ from the atmosphere.

Should not exceed
How do we do that?
Food waste, sewage sludge, and other organic waste streams are very well suited for a treatment process called anaerobic digestion. That is a technical word for something very simple: locking waste streams into big air-tight tanks. In these tanks, a cocktail of gases is formed, called biogas, that consists predominantly of methane and CO₂. The methane is the same as you find in natural gas, only it comes from our organic waste, and not from fossil stuff. So it is a great source of renewable energy, but before we can run our buses on this methane, the CO₂ needs to get stripped away. Stripping it away is essentially the same as you do in other carbon capture processes: you separate CO₂ from other gases. CO₂ is captured as an integrated part of the production process of producing biomethane. Each plant emitting from 2000-30 000 tonnes of high-purity CO₂ per year. There are pockets around the world of readily captured CO₂ that goes straight to air. Easy to store and remove with little risk and low cost.
Inherit works with these biogas plants, to redirect this CO₂ to safe CO₂ storage sites to make sure the CO₂ gets out of the atmosphere.
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